New Study Reveals Climate Change May be Contributing to Rising Death Toll

Cancer Cures Investigated has released a new free report highlighting the newly established association between climate change and a rising death toll in warmer months. Interested parties can learn more here.

Cancer Cures Investigated has released a new case study today, which highlights the results of an investigation into the direct effects of climate change on the population. This case study provides a real link between warmer weather and a noticeable increase in deaths among Medicare patients over the age of 65. Specifically, how warmer summers lead to an increase in death among people living in New England, while warmer winters worked to lower the death rate.

Researchers believe these results finally prove what many have been thinking; the gradual warming of the climate is having a direct effect on people. Joel Schwartz, a professor of environmental health at the Harvard Chan School of Public Health was a member of the team conducting this research. He and colleagues concluded that “A rise in summer mean temperature of 1 degree C (just under 2 degrees F) was associated with a 1 percent higher death rate, whereas an increase in winter mean temperature corresponded to a 0.6 percent decrease in mortality.”

This group also found that its not really a steady rise and fall of temperatures that has the most impact, but that a dramatic variation causes the most damage to human health.

Cancer Cures Investigated is pleased to see the pieces of the climate change puzzle finally being put together. A representative for the company, Nora Markin said “With an ever-growing amount of knowledge on the topic of health and safety in these times dramatic weather changes, this insight into the influence it has on our bodies really means a lot. Not only can the increase in temperature cause heat stroke, it can also lead to a spike in blood pressure and cholesterol. People should remember that taking the best care of themselves and avoiding the outdoors when the heat is too much to take are the best measures that can be taken for staying healthy.”

The company hopes that, in releasing this report, more people will become aware of the risks associated with climate change. To review the full case study, please visit While there, readers are invited to take full advantage of the wealth of information available on the company site.

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