New Study Exposes Lasting Damage Caused by Stroke

Fucoidan Force has released a new report highlighting the findings of a new study, which revealed the severe and lasting impact of stroke. Those interested can learn more here.

A newly published study reveals striking evidence of the lasting effects of stroke, including the likelihood of permanent memory loss and brain damage. Researchers discovered that, of the 4,900 individuals 65 and older who were observed, brain function was significantly impaired in those who had suffered a stroke.

Those in charge of the study evaluated a diverse group over a period of 14 years. Surprisingly, their results showed that, regardless of a person’s ethnicity, the impact of a stroke was very similar and that a stroke caused an increased rate in neurological aging by an average of 8 years. Though, researchers reported the damage was much more severe in black study participants.

The lead author of this study, Dr. Deborah Levine, Assistant Professor in the University of Michigan medical school, was quoted in reference to these findings; she said “As we search for the key drivers of the known disparities in cognitive [mental] decline between blacks and whites, we focus here on the role of ‘health shocks’ such as stroke. Although we found that stroke does not explain the difference, these results show the amount of cognitive aging that stroke brings on, and therefore the importance of stroke prevention to reduce the risk of cognitive decline.”

Fucoidan Force hopes this study will draw attention to the importance of stroke prevention, and would like to remind readers that taking care of cognitive health before a severe ‘health shock’ occurs is crucial. When asked about these findings, Steve Lake, Research Associate for Fucoidan Force, said “The team here can only hope that these new findings will really resonate with the public, and that people will begin to take proper action to maintain their good health. Those who aren’t already should start eating a healthy, balanced diet and implementing dietary supplements as necessary.”

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