New Study Establishes Link between a Widely Used Chemical and Increased Risk of Breast Cancer

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Newly published research reveals the impact exposure to a certain chemical while in the womb can have on a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. Read more about it here.

Shocking statistics in a newly published study create a strong correlation between past DDT exposure and an increased risk of developing breast cancer. Researchers evaluated a large group of women born between 1959 and 1967 whose mothers were exposed to DDT while pregnant.

In those observed, the women who were exposed to the largest amount of DDT while in the womb were 3.7 times more likely to develop breast cancer. Researchers established that, as increasing amounts of the toxic chemical were present in the mother’s blood, the risk of the daughter developing breast cancer became increasingly higher. And, though DDT is no longer used in many developed countries, it is still used in many areas around the world.

When asked about these results, study co-author Barbara Cohn said, “We discovered that daughters who are highly exposed to DDT before birth had four times the chance of breast cancer before the age of 52 than women who were not. This is a strong effect compared to other modifiable risk factors. For instance, research suggests drinking two alcoholic beverages a day can boost risk by 40 percent.”

Most Effective Fucoidan hopes that, in sharing this information, women who may have been exposed to this possible risk factor will be diligent in receiving regular breast exams. A representative for the company, Winnie Thomas, said “By spreading the word about these findings, we hope to really open the eyes of women who may be a member of this at-risk group. Taking special care in maintaining health and catching early signs of illness is essential for cancer survival.”

The case study is available at While reviewing this study, readers are invited to take full advantage of the wealth of information available on site.

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