New Stress Elimination Workshop to be Held in Hunt Valley, MD

The Stress Mastery Academy and Dr. Mort Orman, M.D. announced their new one-day Stress Elimination Workshop "How To Become A Low Stress Person In A High Stress World" will be held in Hunt Valley, MD on Saturday 4/16/2016 from 9am to 5pm..

Register Here Business Owners, Professionals, Corporate Leaders and other successful people looking for the latest information on how to eliminate stress, rather than just managing it, can register to attend a new one-day workshop “How To Become A Low Stress Person In A High Stress World” scheduled for Saturday, April 16, 2016 from 9am to 5pm in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

The Stress Mastery Academy and Dr. Mort Orman, M.D., America’s leading stress elimination expert, are co-sponsoring this one-day training event, which will cover key issues such as:

Don’t Manage Stress Anymore…Banish It! – Learn a new way to eliminate stress in order to become happier, healthier and even more prosperous.

The Problem With Stress Management – Discover why managing stress is no longer necessary and why it may be doing more harm than good.

Popular Myths About Stress – Find out what stress really is and where it actually comes from (which are both very different from what people have been told).

Full details on the event can be found on the workshop website at

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event and why people should attend, Dr. Mort Orman, M.D. said:

“People are tired of endlessly struggling just to manage their stress, in many cases with little permanent relief. This workshop has nothing to do with managing stress. Instead, it will teach how to eliminate most types of emotional stress, relationship stress and work-related stress, without having to use drugs, relaxation exercises or other time-consuming stress management techniques.”

The workshop website has full details about this one-day event, including the venue location, directions, and a schedule of sessions for the full day’s Agenda. Interested parties can visit the website at:

There is a reduced Early Bird worshop attendance price available through 11:59 PM (EDT) on March 31, 2016.

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