New Spring Ahead Consultation Service Proudly Risks Defying Convention

Consulting Philosopher announces its new $99 Spring Ahead telephone consultation service designed to help chart quickly the next step to living better. More at

Earlier today, Consulting Philosopher announced the beginning of its new $99 Spring Ahead one-on-one telephone consultation service. Its aim is to help clients determine the very best next step in their personal evolution . . . but it does so with a difference.

Dennis E. Bradford, Ph.D., Consulting Philosopher, says: “We wanted to try something new with this Spring Ahead consultation service. Anyone familiar with the life coaching or professional consulting market has probably noticed how nearly all psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and similar professionals focus on a return to normalcy, which can be a major improvement over suffering acutely. However, normalcy is hardly an optimal condition; in fact, it’s typically seriously dysfunctional. This is a problem because we all are typically surrounded by normal people and may understand ourselves, correctly, to be normal. We’re not typically surrounded by people living well and, so, it may not even seriously occur to us that we ourselves are capable of living well. If it does occur to us, we may lack any clue about how to do it..”

Like a welcome breath of fresh air, Dr. Bradford helps a client focus on the present moment rather than permitting a client to stay stuck identifying with his or her life history. This avoids what he calls “the distraction unto death syndrome.”

Since we are in the midst of our incessant doings, it’s easy to lose perspective on where we really are.

A brief, initial call is required. To schedule a call, anyone interested in North America can click here and follow the prompts.

Dr. Bradford has been a philosopher, a serious lover of wisdom, since 1964. He understands what works and what doesn’t work. For example, although it’s impossible to think one’s way to living well, he says that well-educated people nevertheless often try. According to him, while some good thinking is a necessary condition for living well, it’s far from sufficient.

Consulting Philosopher is offering Spring Ahead for a limited time because a client’s next step on the way to wisdom can sometimes be charted very quickly, often in just a single consultation. No expensive or long-term coaching is required. Once someone understands what to do, it’s merely a matter of generating sufficient motivation to do what it takes — and life itself typically supplies that motivation.

Dr. Bradford also says, “We want to help our clients attain a clear understanding of their next step. With our new Spring Ahead telephone consultation service, they have a fresh opportunity. Any client who happens to want a second or even a third consultation after the first one may schedule one at the same low $99 price.”

Philosophers have been dealing seriously with existential questions about human existence for 2500 years. Dr. Bradford draws on both the western and eastern philosophic traditions in his interactions with clients. He founded Consulting Philosopher in 2016 with the simple aim of helping to increase human wisdom.

For a brief chat to determine if there’s a good match, anyone interested should go to to set up a no-cost, no-obligation call.

The new $99 Spring Ahead telephone consultation service launches 22 March 2018 and ends 22 April 2018. To discover more about Consulting Philosopher, visit

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