New Software Released During Covid-19 Helps Reinvent Businesses After Pandemic

A new sales automation software is released during the pandemic. This is just a perfect time to identify new strategies and reinvent businesses.

A new sales automation software is out in the market this global pandemic. This is a new way for marketers to skyrocket their businesses when the crisis is over. This lockdown is indeed not a time for competitive and high spirited entrepreneurs to wait or be scared but a great opportunity to identify ways to outdo their previous performances, reinvent, and keep ahead of the competition.

This new software enables businesses to connect with more potential leads and clients. Since email marketing campaign is still the best lead generation scheme for startups and old businesses, marketers continue to find the right and preferably a single tool to answer various problems.

Emails, SMS, and voice mail altogether improve conversion in any business campaign. However, to get all these working together logically is a difficult challenge and may involve spending a lot of money when multiple tools are to be used.

This sales automation software provides its users an excellent rundown of all contacts, autoresponders, campaigns, lists and of everything that’s going on within an account. This is more than just another way to stockpile contacts. It also allows users to send and receive texts and SMS, and make video calls right from web browsers.

As an all in one platform, this sales automation software is a user-friendly tool that replaces different features of multiple software. This program can work for various types of campaigns. Cold outreach for multi-channel platform allows businesses to reach out to qualified leads immediately.

There are different options in configuring outgoing emails like the Gmail API if there’s a GSuite email address, SMPT service like SendGrid, and Postmark account to be easily connected with API token and server token key.

The program provides a fully functioning web app so clients can effortlessly organize their online marketing. Other competition requires users to build their own applications. At a fraction of cost, the software functions as an automated phone with dialer, third party integration, and SMS platform features.

Business owners don’t have to respond to the same messages over and over again. They can also make and receive calls, upload and record audio, and forward inbound calls to different numbers. Recorded calls can be saved for future marketing plans.

The automated telephone system collects information and redirects calls to the right recipients. Voicemails will be delivered without recipients’ phones having to ring. The selected leads will receive these ringless voicemails. The Interactive Voice Response provides previously recorded responses for applicable situations.

What other features can companies expect from this new software?

Lead Generation

2 way SMS

Professional IVR’s

SMS autoresponders

2-way phone calls

Drip campaigns

Ringless Voicemail

Click to call widgets

Sales bridge

Business owners try as much as they can to find ways to increase profit and cut costs using a single tool. This software’s systematic approach to develop and advance sales provides a customized solution without the need to spend more cash. Users get Google Business and Yelp leads, FB lead ads and even new domain leads. New businesses will automatically have a built-in lead generation. With its easy to use interface, new and existing companies can make the most out of this software to reinvent their strategies and build businesses.

Release ID: 88953753