New Soak Off Gel Nail Polish at Home for Long Lasting DIY Manicures

Gel polish is the newest trending manicure treatment promising a chip resistant, two week wear time that can be done at home or salon. But buyers beware, many brands do not last the full two weeks as promised and are often filled with toxic chemicals.

Women across the globe are saying no to short lived manicures and saying yes to gel nail polish.

The newest manicure treatment uses chip free gel polish that last on nails for two weeks or longer without chipping, lifting, or peeling.  Gel nail polish gives nails a high gloss finish that doesn’t dull over time. Women are finally able to grow out their natural nails without the worry of unnecessary breakage.

Buyers beware because not all gel polishes (or shellac polishes) are created equally.  Many brands online do not last the full two weeks as promised and are often filled with toxic chemicals and odors.

New professional gel nail polish brands like DIY Hard Nails promise both a two week chip free wear time, when applied correctly, and a 5-free gel polish formula (free of Formaldehyde, Lead, Mercury, DBP, and Toluene).

“Our customers try DIY Hard Nails unique gel polish colors and love them so much, they order again right away. We sometimes run out of stock because our customers say this is their new favorite product to put on their nails.” said Founder of DIY Hard Nails Natashia Mensah

UV soak off gel polish, also known as shellac polish, is trending so quickly because it goes on effortlessly like regular nail polish, dries instantly (by curing under a UV or LED nail light) and is removed easily by soaking the nails in 100% acetone.  The gel polish is so wonderful, it remains intact for two full weeks!

If this seems like a whole new world, there are plenty of fabulous step by step video tutorials on You Tube and written tutorials on niche gel polish blogs to provide DIY assistance.  It is easy to find topics like “How to Remove Gel Polish at Home”  by searching the web now a days. Many of these DIY websites provide the entire process of DIY gel manicures. Even better, when ordering any gel polish product to try, DIY Hard Nails provides a free ebook to all their customers called “Nail Salon Secrets to the Perfect at-Home Gel (Shellac) Manicure” loaded with easy step by step instructions for how to apply gel nail polish, proper gel polish removal, DIY nail fills, and so much more.

Getting a professional gel polish manicure at the local nail salon will cost about $40-$50. But like many women right now, mostly moms, going the do-it-yourself gel polish route is the best way to save some money. When going the DIY route, make sure to use a high quality, toxic free gel polish brand, a good quality UV or LED nail lamp (visit for affordable, high quality nail lamps). Be sure to follow the proper steps for correct application and removal. If correct application and removal steps are skipped, the manicure life will not last the full two weeks and nail damage could occur. Like anything else in the DIY beauty world, practice is key and the results are fabulous!

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