New Small Business Press Release Strategy For Phoenix AZ Businesses

A Well Run Life announced the availability of their new Press Release Services Service beginning August 31, 2016. More information can be found at

Customers looking for the latest Press Release Services Service will soon be able to get involved with A Well Run Life. Today Peter M Deeley Jr., Founder at A Well Run Life releases details of the new Press Release Services Service’s development.

The product site is found here:

The Press Release Services are designed to appeal specifically to small business increasing their exposure to future clients and includes:

The Press Release distribution service was included because search results dominated by too few players. A Well Run Life is a small business seeking to help other small businesses. This will leverage power normally associated with big brands for small businesses seeking exposure to targeted clients.

The Press Writing Service was made part of the service, since not everybody has the time, interest, or ability to craft effective media pieces. Customers who invest in the service should enjoy this feature because this Press Release Writing Service makes this a “turn key” process allowing business owners to enjoy the benefits of excellent marketing service without learning entirely new skill sets – such as effective copywriting.

Leveraging the power of big, established media brands brings the search engine world to attention – how many web based, lead-generation strategies have small business tried and failed with? This service brings a level of attention on Google previously inaccessible to small businesses. When a business is not located on Google’s front page, their presence on the search engine has little value. Nobody scrolls into the second third, fourth pages of search results. Getting near the top of those searches is the only way to truly monetize web-lead generation efforts.

Peter M Deeley Jr., when asked about the Press Release Services Service said:

“A Well Run Life is a small business. Small business juggle an enormous number of competing priorities. This service will over-deliver value for clients without demanding a great deal of time to manage.”

This is the latest offering from A Well Run Life and Peter M Deeley Jr. is particularly excited about this launch because growing small businesses is key to the health of the country. A Well Run Life strives to increase health and wellness in the world. Professional and financial success play vital roles in everybody’s happiness. It is key part of A Well Run Life’s mission to assist people in the fulfillment of their dreams..

Those interested in learning more about A Well Run Life and their Press Release Services Service scan do so on the website at and

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