New Small Business Loans in Texas Get Small Business Owners Money In 3-7 Days

Ms. B The Money Lady has defied convention in the Small Business Loans Texas market with the release of a new loan rogram ensuring easier qualifying for business loans in Texas with no credit score or no income verification. Details at

Earlier today, Corporate Capital LLC announced the beginning of a new Small Business Loans Texas Program. The main aim is to get Small Business Owners in Texas access to the money needed quickly, in as little as 3 to 7 days with easy qualifying.

CEO Ms. Tunita Bailey, aka Ms. B The Money Lady, says: “We wanted to offer financial opportunities that are more exciting and accessible for Small Business Owners in Texas. Anyone familiar with the Small Business Loans market in Texas have probably noticed how Banks offer few financial options for small business owners. The loans offered by Banks seem to make it nearly impossible for Texas small businesses and Small Business Owners to qualify for the money needed. This is a problem because Small Business Owners in Texas deserve to have access to the money they need to continue to grow their businesses and contribute to a healthy local economy.”

To assist Small Business Owners in Texas, Ms. B The Money Lady offers more loan options and lines of credit with easier qualifying. Some of the financial options available offer small business loans in Texas that don’t require credit scores, income verification, appraisals and even loans for individuals with no social security number.

Corporate Capital LLC chose to specialize in loans for small business owners because it believes that small business owners in Texas should have equal access just as large corporations do to business capital and loans with no hassles and hoops to jump through. Small businesses have a right to grow just as large businesses do.

Ms. B The Money Lady also said “We want to give local businesses more financial options. With the new Small Business Loans Texas Program, business owners in Texas now have a fresh new possibility and exciting opportunity to get fast access to the money needed. We want our clients to feel confident and secure about the future of their business when using our service. Our financial programs don’t penalize a business for being new or small, we actually reward you.”

Ms. B The Money Lady has been in business for more than 25 years, being established in 1986. Since Day 1 the aimed has always been to become the most trusted source in Texas for funding business dreams.

To find out more about the new Small Business Loans Texas Program and Ms. B The Money Lady, visit or call 214-793-4831.

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