New Skin Care Line Launch For Face, Eyes, Lashes With Booster Infusion System

New customized skin care products line launched with permits personalized products using the new Booster Infusion System™ process. Products are for face, neck, eyes and lips.

Elle Marie Beauty announced this week the official launch of its six proprietary formulated skin care products: CRYO – ICE Masque Cooling Infusion, Eye Boost – Clinically Infused Eye Masques, Gold Clinically Infused Masque, H.A. Drench, Infused Lash Serum MD, Tinted Mineral Anti-Aging Moisturizer with SPF 30+. The company differentiates itself with its “Booster Infusion System”, which permits customers to customize the mixology of the products, and giving users the ability to customize the active ingredients.

Karen Lucchesi, co-founder of Elle Marie Beauty, said, “Through market research, we found people wanted products that were natural, yet used the benefit of science. Consumers wanted a way to personalize their beauty routine to address the concerns they have with the ability to focus on targeted areas.”

Mike Edwards, co-founder of Elle Marie Beauty, said, “Combining our knowledge learned from botanicals research and the market research results, we developed our trademarked Booster Infusion System bringing science and nature together. This system starts with products that are formulated with the highest-grade ingredients and a multitude of botanicals that are designed for all skin types. Next the system allows the customer to personalize their beauty routine specific to their needs by using Mixology to make a ‘Custom Skin Cocktail’.”

He continued, “By adding a desired “booster infusion” of active ingredients for the targeted areas, it will supercharge the benefits. Our products are specially-formulated to work in concert with our booster infusion, however the boosters can be used in any product to supercharge it. Currently our infusions include boosters of Anti-Aging, Anti-Pollution, Anti-Dark Circles, Anti-Puffiness, Vitamin C/Brightening, Hydrating Glow, and more boosters are in the works.”

According to company officials, customers can choose the amount of the booster and the type or combination of boosters for their needs. These boosters then can be used in other products and provide benefits. The Booster Infusion System™ is formulated to give customers the highest quality formulations to achieve a healthy and youthful looking appearance. Company officials also indicated that the ingredients in the products are sulfate-free, paraben-free and organic. Clinical studies of active ingredients in the company’s products are available on the company’s website.

Interested parties may discover more about the products through the official website ( or through the company’s social media channels . This is one of the company’s recent YouTube videos:

Media inquiries are welcome to contact Karen Lucchesi, Mike Edwards and other Elle Marie Beauty representatives to discuss topics pertaining to the company as well as the skin care and beauty products industry.

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