New site delivers shocking Crime News and Statistics

Crime news site bawmb,com lanched to delivers Crime News and Statistics is a website that gives readers an inside look into Crime across the United States as well as the rest of the world. Media recently covered the Guadalajara, Mexico women kidnappingsas well as the recent increase in Crime in Mexico City, Mexico.

In April 2016 took a look at Crime Statistics and factors in New Orleans, Indianapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington D.C., San Salvador, Johannesburg, Minneapolis,and many other major cities and what they determined was a lot of cities are seeing an increase in violent crime which is mainly drug and gang related. provides users with the most in depth Crime News and Crime statistics possible while relaying information from multiple souces such as news outlets and law enforcement agencies. The goal is to provideaccurate crime information to it’s visitors and help them know what’s going on in their community or places they may be visiting. usually provides embedded video clips on every article from multiple sources to give their visitors a visual on the crime news that is being reported. was founded in 2016 by Brent Whiteley of Vancouver, Canada after the websites founder recognized there was a huge gap in news for millenials. Brent’s goal is to provide news that is not only informative and educational forthe youth but easy to understand and stay focused without losing interest. Brent has been in the online media business since 1999, he works closely with editor and media expert Nathan Wasson of St Catharines, Canada to provide accurate in depth coverage on hot news topics including crime news. mixes in Crime News with other sections such as political news, music reviews, auto news, and financial news such as how to save money and anything that is considered the gets put on the site and although the site has lots of tragic situations such as crime news it brings awareness to everyone what is happeningaround the world and in their community and makes for an interesting read. They also put the link gofundme links of victims families if they can find one to help raise money for funeral expenses etc. has announced it will be releasing a Mexico City documentary on crime in Iztapalapa, Ecatepec, Tepito, Downtown Mexico City and much more in May of 2016 which will feature crime news, facts, interviews and much more.’s talented editorial team was asked about this and said they were excited to bring their readers information onlife in some of the higher crime areas of Mexico City and give readers an inside look from a local perspective on life and crime in and around Mexico City. is pleased to join the many Crime News media outlets out there and help provide a unique look on crime in the world as well as offer news and reviews on awide range of other categories such as music, politics, finance, entertainment including comedy and pranks. media expects to provide users with an exciting 2016 in arts, media and crime coverage and already have over 150 unique articles on their website to keep their viewers informedand entertained on entertainment and crime news for their reading pleasure. Their goal is to have thousands of articles by the end of the year as they hire more editorial staffto help them keep up with demand. To read about Crime News and Statistics visit their website at

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