New Simulator Game Takes the Tech Industry By Storm

A new PC building simulator game has hit the gaming marketplace and is set to create waves among the tech industry, providing another platform in which to teach aspiring techies to build every day computers.

Simulator games have always been popular but one such game has captured the interest of an entire industry. The PC building industry.

Learning to build a computer from scratch for many is something that is self-taught art. Sure, there are courses that people can attend, that teaches them the practical side of building this technology. However, ask any student or computer geek and it’s highly likely they learned their craft from the comforts of their bedroom whilst eating pizza and playing on their gaming console.

It’s how tech people roll in 2017.

The game that has sparked the imagination of the rising number of aspiring PC builders is a simulator game called PC Building Simulator. Quite a fitting name considering that is exactly what it does – Simulates the steps to building a desktop PC from scratch.

It may be surprising to many people but a niche segment of the gaming community do not enjoy the thrill of fast paced action games. They prefer the mundane complexities of what could only be described as a tedious job in the real world.

Author of Tube Tycoon Fan Site, Andy Black – Another simulator game that reached its peak in popularity throughout 2016 says he isn’t surprised by the interested this new simulator game has attracted.

Andy says that people often take the game out of the experience when it comes to simulators. That it’s not about winning or scoring points, but rather going through the process of something that parallels a real-life experience.

People just love to step into someone else’s shoes, even if it is in a virtual existence. Win, lose or draw people just like the experience.

Andy noticed the initial boom with another independent simulator game Tube Tycoon back in 2015, when its popularity reached its highest point around March 2016.

Tube Tycoon has been downloaded over 2,500,000 times since its beta release and is expected to achieve a lot more as new game updates are rolled out.

People can find out more about Tube Tycoon here and even download a copy of the game, available in both PC and Mac formats.

It is looking like the PC Building Simulator could reach similar heights, but that is yet to be seen.

Release ID: 181398