New Show Discusses How to Stop Being Negative and Be Happy

In this episode of Awareness Addicts, Dr. Gala Gorman, helps listeners figure out what causes them to complain when faced with certain situations. That’s going to require some applied awareness. It helps to notice what it is that sparks the urge to complain regularly.

In the new episode of Awareness Addicts, the show’s host, Dr. Gala Gorman, discusses dissatisfaction, and what causes people to complain. When dealing with a repeated situation that causes someone to express dissatisfaction, there is a commitment to that unhappiness. Why would anyone commit to something that makes them unhappy?

In this episode, listeners will:

-Make a commitment to changing thought processes that perpetuate negativity

-Understand the effect that negative thinking has on the mental state

-Learn new ways to recognize and control thoughts before they wreak havoc

Gorman refers to a recent article on PsychCentral about a study conducted in Norway, which examines the connection between negative thinking and depression. The article says, “New research suggests that learning to stop thinking or worrying about the various aspects of situations that are upsetting can be a liberating skill, a competency that can help people gain control over depression.”

The study shows that there’s a strong link between someone who is diagnosed with depression and worrying, which they call “rumination.” The article goes on to say that, “A new approach used in the study called metacognitive therapy (MCT), by contrast, focuses on lessening the ruminative process. That is, people are taught techniques to ‘not think’ so much.” The research findings have been recently published by several psychology staff members from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Roger Hagen, an author of the study, explains, “Anxiety and depression give rise to difficult and painful negative thoughts. Many patients have thoughts of mistakes, past failures, or other negative thoughts. Metacognitive therapy addresses thinking processes. … MCT helps patients to reduce negative thought processes and get them under control. Patients can learn to take control of their thoughts by learning to become aware of their negative thoughts.”

As Gorman explains, “Most think that the reason why an emotional upset lasts so long is because it’s a recurring problem. That may be the case, but people make a choice, over and over, to feel a certain way about it. Emotions only last about 90 seconds. When repeatedly re-igniting a thought, the feelings will follow. The trick is to interrupt the pattern.”

This show was created to provide Sage Advice for taking inspired action. Awareness is the key. With this key, it’s easier to navigate in the human world with all of its detours. As awareness is developed, along with it comes an intimate understanding of self. And, that enhanced sense of awareness introduces some new information into the mix. With that new knowledge or outside the box experience, there is a spark that adds to life.

The show’s host, Dr. Gala Gorman, is a holistic life coach and minister. She is the author of the Spiritual Approach TM Series of books focused on practical spirituality. As an entrepreneur … mediator, publisher and, formerly, accounting firm partner, her experiences helped shape the creation of the show. As a change facilitator, she ignites transformation in businesses, families, students, clients and, especially, within herself.

When asked about why she created the show, Gorman said: “Developing awareness is what’s worked for me. In fact, I’m a bit of an Awareness Addict. And, I’m hoping listeners will become addicted too.”

Gorman has hopes that the show will save listeners from wasting time feeling confused and stuck. As fellow Awareness Addicts, she believes they’ll be alive, alert, awake and aware of life’s possibilities. As listeners practice what she talks about on the show to develop awareness, they’ll build muscles around their awareness skills. The idea is to close the gap so they can switch into awareness much more quickly … applying awareness and understanding before getting into something they regret.

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