New Sherline Lathe & Mill Modification Using Precision ER Collet Headstocks From GlockCNC

New upgrade to Sherline mill & lathe - high precision ER Collet Headstocks from GlockCNC

GlockCNC has announced a new upgrade to the popular Sherline lathe and mill, precision ER Collet Headstocks.

ER Collet Headstocks for Sherline mills and lathes offer multiple new features designed to produce high precision for light commercial, maker or hobbyist metal worker including:

ER 50, 40, 32 and 25 collet spindles for Sherline headstocks – giving the ability to precisely hold parts or end mills and cutters.

Precision part holding for lathes using ER collets – using ER collets with a Sherline lathe allows for absolute precision turning and boring.

ER headstocks for Sherline mills – ability to hold larger end mills with greater accuracy and rigidity with ER collets.

A full list of features on the modified Sherline ER Collet Headstock can be found on the company website,

The modifications for the Sherline lathe and mill were part of planned series improvements to the machines by GlockCNC. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the the capacity and precision of Sherline machines, customers can expect regular updates both now and in the future on modifications.

James Andrew, Manager, had this to say:

“Over the years, Sherline Products has made many fine lathe and mill products.  GlockCNC’s modifications have simply expanded the level of precision and capacity of Sherline machines.”

Current customers interested in learning more about the upgrade can do so directly on the website at New customers can also use the site to purchase the latest version of Sherline ER Collet Headstocks and standard Sherline products.

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