New ‘Shark Tank’ Style Show Gives 27-Year-Old A Chance to Save Startup Company ‘Z Skin Cosmetics’

27-year-old Ryan Zamo, the young entrepreneur behind the once successful ‘Z Skin Cosmetics’, has been given a chance at redemption thanks to a new show on Lifetime.

Announced just last week on Variety, Lifetime will be premiering its new show on Oct. 20th, 2016. Following beauty and fashion entrepreneurs, the show emulates the TV show ‘Shark Tank’, where investors have to the opportunity to help start, grow or save the entrepreneurs business. Sticking with the theme, the panel of investors include some of the most successful startup entrepreneurs in the beauty and fashion industries.

Though the investors on the show have created successful startups themselves, according to Entreprenuer.Com the rate of small businesses failing is at an all-time high, with current stats proving that 95% of companies will go under within the first 5 years. 27-year-old Ryan Zamo, the founder of the once successful brand Z Skin Cosmetics, has recently found himself swaying towards that statistic.

Possibly saving his "affordable organic skincare" company, 27-year-old Ryan Zamo has now been confirmed to be amongst the hopeful entrepreneurs to appear on the new show. When asked why he decided to appear on the show, Zamo said, “Well I wasn’t really expecting to ever become so successful, and when we hit astronomical success in under 3 weeks, I wasn’t ready for it. I’ll be the first to tell you that I have no training in business, finance, marketing, advertising etc. I thought the way to market myself to being a millionaire was simple…by being fabulous. I saw the top brands doing radio ads, TV ads, full page magazine ads, billboards and the likes, so in my mind that’s all I had to do. And don’t get me wrong, I succeeded at feeling fabulous, but failed at bringing in sales. Every single dime made from that boom in sales, was lost 10 fold, and soon I found myself completely bankrupt.”

Though he did not comment on what happened on the show, the outcome from his pitch, or to Z Skin Cosmetics after the show, Zamo did say, “It was completely life changing. I’ve never felt so empowered in my life like I did after leaving, all I wanted to do was pick myself up and hit the ground running… I can never thank them enough for how much they changed my life.”

Though no date has been released for Zamo’s exact appearance on the show, the series will premiere October 20th at 10:30 pm on Lifetime.

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