New Service Offers Deep Discount on Beautiful and Affordable Mobile Apps

Annabel Apps is celebrating the launch of its new mobile apps service with a 30% discount to clients ordering before December 31. As a special bonus, get our basic maintenance service free for the first 4 months! Details at

“Annabel Apps”, is celebrating the launch of their new mobile app development services. In an exciting change of pace, the beautiful and affordable apps are priced specifically with small business in mind. To celebrate, they’re lowering their already affordable prices, and giving a 30% discount to new clients ordering apps before December 31! As a special bonus, they include a basic maintenance and updates package free for the first 4 months. They’ll be kicking off Tuesday, December 22, 2015.

In a space where most competitors simply post an ad and be done with it, Annabel Apps has opted to be a little more enticing with the inception of its new service.

Annabel Melnyk, founder and app developer at Annabel Apps, says: “Supporting the success of conscious entrepreneurs and small business is very important. Until now, the competitive advantage of having an app to promote your business was reserved for businesses with VERY deep pockets. Annabel Apps wants to be the wind beneath the wings of conscious entrepreneurs who, given a chance, will change the world with their products, services and higher ground visions. The launch should go great, unless of course everyone is planning to go on vacation until January 1!”

Knowing entrepreneurs as they do however, they think it’s a safe bet that a lot of them will be using these final days of the year to get a jump start on planning for 2016, and this could give them the leg up they need. This launch celebration is just one of the many ways Annabel Apps wants to support conscious entrepreneurs in making their businesses a success and helping them make their difference in the world.

When asked about the new mobile app service, Annabel Melnyk said: “This will be a real hit, because small businesses need to take full advantage of technology to amplify the value they’re able to deliver to their clients and create frictionless ways to deliver that value.”

Annabel Apps’s mobile apps for small business service is set to launch Tuesday December 22!

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