New Service available, Spiritual Life Coaching for maximum Success in Life

New Service of Spiritual Life Coaching is offered to help clients increase their clarity, calmness, joy and creativity, reducing stress, upset, conflict. This leads to greater success in all areas of life including finances, personal health, higher quality of relationships and work success.

Vancouver, Canada – September 17th, 2014 /PressCable/

The new service of Spiritual Life Coaching is being offered by Enlightenment-How. This service helps people eliminate stresses and strains in their live and create more joy, love and happiness.

Spiritual coaching is different to other coaching in that it focuses on the core issues that cause lack of happiness and lack of success. These core issues often run deeper than regular coaching approaches such as goal setting, time management, or people management skills.

These core issues are addressed by Spiritual Life Coaching through activities including meditation, visualization, mantra, yoga, exercise, dialogue, contemplation, and self inquiry.

According to Spiritual Life Coaching the ultimate success in life is to live a life that is fulfilled, rich, happy and complete. Spiritual Life Coaching develops those qualities, which in turn frequently affects wealth, health and creates greater ease in relationships.

Spiritual Life Coaching uses a 7 step process to assist clients. The first step is to create a vision for the future. This vision step is focused on the long term greatest vision that the person holds for themselves. The next steps work in increasing the core strength of the participant, in their ability to be calm, clear, joyful, happy and loving. The final last two steps of the process help participants develop the skills to handle all eventualities in life.

Head Spiritual Life Coach Martyn Williams says “Most people approach life from the wrong direction. There is a common belief that money will bring happiness, yet we all know that happiness can be found with people with little money, and many wealthy people can be deeply unhappy. Spiritual coaching goes to the core of the issues and begins by building on the clients strengths of calmness, clarity, love of life, and joy. As these qualities increase attitudes to wealth, health, relationships and success also shift and become greater.”

“Most people think that products and services will make them happy. They get caught on this treadmill of working to achieve to be happy all their lives and, it turns out that 90% of people on their death beds say they wished they had lived a happier life.”

“When we begin from the inside out we open ourselves to the most amazing possibilities. Learning how to be joyful all the time is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. This joy leads us to having lots of energy for creativity. We then create at work; we create at home, our energy of creativity cuts through procrastination and delay. This dynamic energy moves us into the realm of being unstoppable, because our mind does not go towards the fear based failure scenarios.”

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About Enlightenment-How

Enlightenment-How was founded in 2014 and serves the Personal Development industry. It is known for teaching and coaching the skills needed for living an enlightening life, free of stress, and full of joy and creativity. Personal coaching and online courses are offered. Free services include custom meditations personally designed to address the specific issue of the client.

About Martyn Williams

Martyn Williams is the first person in the world to lead expeditions to the 3 Extremes, Everest, the North and South Poles. He went on to create the Pole to Pole project that involved approximately 60 million young people in humanitarian and environmental projects. He has studied and taught spiritual enlightenment in India and around the world.

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