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Stephen Wilk is launching a brand new book, “The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems”, Targeted at fans and business owners looking for promotional results but who desire an alternative to traditional SEO.

Manchester online SEO marketing and promotion expert Stephen Wilk is launching a brand-new book, “The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems”. The book is set to go live Thursday 22nd April 2021, available from the website

The book is expected to become a big hit with fans and business owners who are looking for increased website visitors and website traffic but who desire an alternative to traditional SEO strategy.

Many business owners ask the question, ‘SEO where to start?’ This book provides an excellent way to quickly begin seeing results for local businesses and websites, by driving increased visitors. It is also something that can be used instead of PPC.

This is the third book Wilk has authored. The aim of the book is to show business owners who are frustrated with SEO, SEO costs and the time, focus and energy that SEO demands another way to get SEO quick wins and promotional results. Excitement surrounds the books launch because this book finally reveals the search engine reality that guru’s try to keep secret.

‘The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems’ sets its main focus on showing business owners just how much it costs them if their business is not as ‘well-known’ as it should be. Readers will likely find of particular interest the fact that overall, amongst local businesses, only 3% of business owners really understand the benefits of top placed website rankings. Those at the top are seeing the results they deserve and for good reason, which the book explains.

The author comments upon the use of tools and sites such as Moz SEO Software and Semrush and says that while these tools can be handy, by using the authors approach these and similar tools can be sidestepped and are not necessary to get the results the author describes.

The book’s cover art was created by Peter Hurst and ‘The Ultimate Guide To Solving Your Frustrating SEO Problems’ is being released by Business Promotion Central.

More of Stephen’s previous experience is available and includes a link to his LinkedIn profile. Manchester Local Trusted Brand & Online Visibility Business Expert

Stephen Wilk has a background in online website digital marketing, SEO and business promotion. This helped shaped the creation of the book. It was clear that very few business owners were aware of the strategy outlined in the book and so very few people are using it. The aim of the book is to bring this rare knowledge to a lot more business owners.

When asked about why he wrote the book, Wilk said: “After speaking with hundreds of business owners many are not aware just how much it costs them because their business is not as ‘well-known’ as it should be. The 3% who get it – they are at the top and seeing the results they deserve. The top competition in most local markets are top for a reason. They are better-known in the market place. This means new business is attracted to them naturally. They are able to attract better quality clients. They are also able to charge more. They are able to attract better quality staff. This gives them advantages their competition are often not aware of’. ‘The Ultimate Way To Stand Out From The Crowd – Be Omnipresent’.

Wilk has hopes that the book will help business owners frustrated with traditional SEO by showing them a new cost effective and far less demanding approach. This positive outlook from the author is certainly testament to his optimism, considering some of the mishaps during its creation.

There were a number of things that did not go according to plan when writing the book. The original title had to be re-worked because there was already a book with the title Wilk proposed.

In a recent interview, the author thanked business owners that had already tried his strategy, for their part in the creation of the book, saying: “I would like to thank all the business owners that have already shown faith in me and who have successfully used the methods outlined in the book for their own business promotion and growth”.

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