New SEO Promotion Package For Business Owners Goes on Sale Now

Sydney Search Results Pty Ltd announced the availability of their new SEO promotion package Website Recovery beginning now.

Customers looking for the latest SEO promotion package can purchase Website Recovery by Sydney Search Results Pty Ltd. The detailed product listing can be found here:…

Website Recovery is designed to appeal specifically to business owners and includes:

a full audit and remedial diagnosis of SEO issues which reduces the risk of compounding the problem and paves the way for full recovery.

a full recovery action plan to be implemented which enhances a website’s chances of regaining rankings quickly.

David Cannell, owner of Sydney Search Results Pty Ltd, when asked about Website Recovery said:

“The website recovery package is timely in light of the recent Google Panda update over the last week. It enables site owners’ to have a methodical analysis of their website, a thorough SEO audit and a clear explanation of why their website has been hit. Also it outlines the kind of remedial action that can be undertaken to regain website rankings. Most SEO companies cannot distinguish between an actual penalty and an algorithmic filter and so do not know how to recover a site. Unless you know clearly why a site has been hit, then any attempts at recovery are just a stab in the dark at best. At Sydney Search Results we specialise in website recovery and know what to look for.”

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here:…

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