New Self Development And Personal Improvement Platform Launched

A new platform offering strategies for self improvement and self development has been launched by Ivan Cavric. New Horizons Explored mission is to offer individuals strategies for personal self improvement and development. The platform features a series of short and actionable strategies for individual improvement.

New Horizons Explored

Cavric Chronicles is pleased to announce the launching of a new platform dedicated to offer actionable strategies for self-improvement and personal development. The new platform is called New Horizons Explored and offers a series of methods to improve your current individual situation. Writing under Cavric Chronicles, Ivan Cavric offers short easy to follow and implement strategies to improve individual lives.

“The goal is to assist individuals practice self-improvement and personal development. The best and only way to improvement is by setting achievable goals and developing daily, useful habits. Cavric Chronicles has one simple goal, and that is to help individuals learn how to build a better life, one habit at a time. Additionally, it will show readers how to eliminate those bad habits slowly but surely, and how to change life circumstances in the most effective ways to build a better and a stronger individual .” stated Cavric.

New Horizons Explored will offer a series of short actionable articles and tutorials aimed at self improvement and personal development. The emphasis on each article being actionable. The topics are pertinent and apply to everyone. They deal with subjects such as, stress, goal setting, anxiety, self confidence, self esteem and many more. “The reader will find a timely article that will apply to their situation at the time” stated Cavric. The platform also offers and encourages direct engagement with not only the author but also with other readers. This features enables individual readers to leave comments, ask questions and suggest future topics that they would like to have addressed.

Currently the objective is to have one article, one strategy, one idea per day made available. It is designed in such a way as to not overwhelm the reader and to allow feedback.

About Ivan Cavric:

Ivan Cavric is a Corporate Development Specialist, Digital Marketing Director, Entrepreneur and Author. With over 30 years of business experience Cavric is sharing insights into what makes a business most profitable, the individual.

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