New Samsung Unlock Code Service Goes on Sale Friday 31st October 2014

Unlock Samsung Online announced the launch of their new Sim unlock Samsung mobile phones by codes. More regions and more models supported and super fast delivery times for cheap prices.

Samsung Mobile phone owners who need Sim unlock codes can purchase Samsung unlock codes by ‘Simlock Remote Server’. The page detailing full service availability and pricing can be found here: Samsung unlock code

The Samsung unlock codes service is designed to address the most common issues faced by Samsung Mobile phone owners when wanting to switch to a new provider, sell a phone online or just want to remove all the limitations in using the phone freely.

More and more people realize that even after purchasing a Samsung phone for many hundreds of dollars the phone is still not really their property as it is limited in use and the Samsung owner can not use the phone freely with any provider. In fact with a simlock still active the phone is in control by the telecom provider. An increasing number of Samsung owners are now discovering how easy it is to remove this restriction and while doing so also increase the (resell) value of the phone up to 50%.

The service includes:

– Free Samsung Unlock Codes availability check  - Check if the unlock codes are available for free, no obligations.

– All level unlock codes (NCK, SPCK, MCK, region lock) – Retrieve all level unlock codes not provided by other websites or even the current telecom provider (network unlock code, provider unlock code, region unlock code, unfreeze code etc)

– Worldwide unlocking – All major regions are supported. No need to know on which provider the Samsung is simlocked just the geographical region as to where it is simlocked!

Steven van der Peijl, Founder of Unlock Samsung Online, had this to say about their most popular service :

“Samsung unlock codes guarantees a super easy, fast and proven unlock method.  100% official genuine unlock codes directly from Samsung with the fastest possible delivery times”

In a recent survey where Samsung owners who unlocked their mobile phone where asked why they chose to sim unlock their Samsung phones the top 5 responses were:

1. Because it is their phone

2. To switch to a better telecom provider

3. Save money by switching to a cheaper telecom provider

4. Eliminate roaming fees by using local providers when abroad

5. Save money by buying a pre-paid phone and then using it with a sim-only contract offer

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at

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