New reviews of Digital Luggage Scale show how to avoid excess luggage fees

New reviews of the RelyOnUs digital luggage scale present the experience of two travellers who have been able to avoid paying excess luggage fees.

RelyOnUs released new reviews of its Digital Luggage Scale. They reveal how the company’s luggage scale helps air travellers avoid bad surprises at luggage check in. These days airlines charge hefty fees for excess luggage. Therefore travelers need to know the exact weight of their luggage before presenting them at check-in.

The reviews present travellers’ actual experiences of how RelyOnUs Digital Luggage Scale actually delivers value and some insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price. Here are extracts from two customer reviews published on the Amazon website where the product can be purchased at this link. D. Fowler writes: when I travel I want to go economically. I carry books and lots of them. Not everything I have is on Kindle and when I’m working with some books they are hard copy. When I go on vacation, I want to read them and they come right along with me. Naturally, I end up buying some and then I have my luggage dilemma.I’m the person who shows up at the weigh-in fully packed and very close to the limit or slightly over. My last weigh-in I hit 51 pounds and had to do some quick juggling, something that’s not always appreciated by those in back of me. In fact, if you want to get a few angry glares, show up with a few pounds overweight. The scramble begins to shift some items to the carryon. The “Rely on Us” luggage scale is exactly what I need, it features

? Accurate, Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Read, Stylish and Durable Stainless Steel Luggage Scale? Lightweight and Compact Design : Easy to take along on your trips or leisure activities? Up to 110 Lbs (50 Kg) Capacity / Great Accuracy. Lithium Battery Included.? Automatic Shut-Off. Comes with User Guide

Bob Tobias writes: Finally, a luggage scale that makes sense. This has all the things I wish had been included in the various scales I’ve seen. For me the best feature, it continues to display the weight even after I put my suitcase down. I’ve used other scales where I have to read the weight while I’m holding the suitcase in the air. With those other luggage scales, and especially with heavy suitcases, that has been a real challenge. It is very comfortable to hold. The handle is generously sized and rounded. No more having something digging into my hand as I’m trying to support a 49.5 lb suitcase. The scale is lightweight. At around 3 oz I can toss it into my suitcase without any worries.

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