New Review Published Lines up Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini With LG G2

In the highly competitive smartphone market, two giants stand out - Samsung and LG. The much anticipated new offering from Samsung is the subject of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review.

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Two of the latest offerings in smartphones from electronics giants Samsung and LG have been compared, contrasted and reviewed in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review published recently.

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The review concerns the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and the LG G2. It includes a video in which the physical qualities of the products can be better explained and understood – especially functionality of the screen and apps. The video is then accompanied by authoritative text that discusses in detail the pros and cons of both products.

“There have been plenty of mobile devices offered in the market these days but Samsung phones are definitely closer to the heart of many,” explains the author of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Review. “This is probably because majority of Samsung phone units are loaded with convenient and impressive features that guarantee unmatched user experience.”

On the pros and cons of Samsung model, he says “Just like any other mobile devices, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini also has its own sets of strengths and drawbacks. However, it is apparent that the advantages of this product outweigh its flaws.

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“This Samsung mini version is packed with convenient and modern features that promote better performance and functionality….there are two common drawbacks linked to this product. One is the plastic build and next is the cost.”

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is due for release in the UK this August.

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