New Resource Revealed: London Property Management At 10% For Hong Kong Investors

Hong Kong investors holding a property portfolio in London (UK) have been used to paying high management fees to their lettings and management company. With the launch of Redstone's new office in Hong Kong they can pay as little as 10% for London Property management.

Redstone Property Lettings and Management services are proud to announce the opening of two new offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, offering the best management options for Hong Kong investors with a portfolio of properties in the UK. Redstone Property is well-known as a leading partner for overseas landlords and property investors wanting to avoid the complexities of managing their international portfolio of investment assets. Their many years of expertise in the property management sector has enabled them to work closely with their clients to maximise returns on their UK property investment portfolio. A service which has now been made more convenient to access for clients through the opening of their Hong Kong and Dubai offices. For more information visit:

Cost-conscious property investors in Hong Kong can make good savings with Redstone Property who only charge fees of 10% +VAT for London, whereas most competitors charge upwards of 19%.The Redstone team offer a responsive, personal touch to their clients and are always looking for a profitable gap in the market for their clients to take advantage of. Their expert team have access to local and international networks that have been carefully curated over many years, so are in a good position to advise their clients on property sales and property investments. All aspects of property management are undertaken from the negotiation and purchasing of a new property, or new property development, to completion, with expert assistance in legal, tax and other property-related matters, and all delivered with highly competitive rates. The property management company also recently announced that Mr Tim Ada is to become the new head of Redstone APAC. The company are continuing to expand their operations with the opening on their two new offices in Hong Kong and Dubai, offering a local service to property investors living in these areas. To learn more visit their website:

Using the new international offices will help clients avoid the need for long-distance travel or international calls at inconvenient hours to conduct business. Having a local contact that they can get to know personally with a wealth of property investment knowledge and experience can only help to improve the management of their UK property portfolio. Many Hong Kong property investors are looking to invest in UK property and make the move to the UK under the current pathway to UK residency being offered by the UK Government. Having a team on their side that understands the UK property market will help to smooth their investment plans and remove the ‘unknown’ factor of making a move to the UK. Read more about Redstone Property management on their website:

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