New Research Shows Certain Yoga Poses May Help To Ease Back Pain

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A new study suggests that doing yoga may be as effective as physical therapy for reducing low back pain. Soul Obsession Yoga Mats are specifically designed for both gentle and more difficult poses, such as inversions.

For alleviating lower back pain, new research suggests that certain yoga poses can help to relieve tight muscles, according to a study. Researchers at the Boston Medical Center were assigned to study a group of people over a 12 week period, and found that yoga moves such as the downward dog pose helped to improve function in people’s lower back, and that their pain in the lower back decreased 2.1 points on the pain scale.

Soul Obsession, a yoga mat company that designs and manufacturers a premium designer line of yoga mats, works hard to engineer a prana yoga mat that is comfortable and safe. Soul Obsession Yoga Mats feature a soft microfiber suede top far different than low quality yoga mats that get slippery very easily. A heavy duty 7 pound, 4 mm non-slip rubber bottom ensures a Soul Obsession Yoga Mat will stick and give people the support they want, when they need it. A company spokesperson adds, “Used and endorsed by some of the top yoga instructors, our natural rubber mats provide the ultimate stability for your workout.”

Furthermore, the Soul Obsession Printed Yoga Mat is creative, innovative, and inspiring. The colorful, fun, and artistic designs on a Soul Obsession Yoga Mat are made to spread joy, happiness, and peace wherever people are. Soul Obsession Yoga Mats feature a natural rubber bottom made from natural tree rubber. The natural rubber bottom gets better over time as people use it. The top of the yoga mat features beautiful colored designs that are printed on using water based inks. The company notes, “Our durable yoga mats combine a mat and a yoga towel to make your workout easy, comfortable, and slip-free. The more you sweat, the better the grip gets.”

Soul Obsession Yoga Mats can be beneficial for people looking for a yoga mat to practice yoga poses on hard floors. They are a good foundation when performing yoga poses aimed to relieve lower back pain, and can aid in the prevention of injuries from slipping. Soul Obsession Yoga Mats are functional and versatile enough to be used for all yoga practices.

In addition, the patients in the new study reported that they felt physical therapy treatments are just as effective as yoga classes in reducing lower back pain, improving function, and lowered the people’s use of pain medications. The experts concluded that yoga can help to ease back pain, but urge people to keep it gentle with poses such as the downward dog. People who are interested in knowing more about Soul Obsession or their products can visit their website or Amazon.

About Soul Obsession:

Soul Obsession is based out of Miami, Florida. The company’s Founder and CEO is Max Rivadeneira. He hopes his mats bring attention to the ongoing wildlife and water crisis happening today around the world. With a yoga mat purchase from Soul Obsession’s Wildlife Collection, a 5% donation will be made to The WILD Foundation works to protect wildlife and the environment through its many global projects. With a purchase from Soul Obsession’s Spiritual Collection, the company will donate 5% to These proceeds will go to protect and save lives by bringing water and sanitation where it’s needed the most.

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