New Report On The Drone Agricultural Revolution By Drone Insurance Professional

The Great Drone Agricultural Revolution Is Here And The Drone Insurance Industry Is Evolving Fast. A New Report, written by Matt White, owner of BWI Aviation Insurance, highlights the changes coming to the Drone Industry.

A New Report Posted on June 11th, 2020, by Matt White, a Drone Insurance Professional, highlights changes coming to the commercial drone industry in the form of an agricultural revolution. The article details out the history of the first agricultural production revolution in Great Britain during the mid-17th century and late 19th centuries. A seismic shift is coming to the agricultural industry, on par with the 17th and 19th century revolutions, in the form of more automation and robotic assistance provided by drones. Using drones allows farmers to gather better crop data and with new agricultural utility drones, more efficiently manage their crops from the air.

Although slow to start, the drone agricultural industry is now picking up steam fast and the Great Drone Agricultural Revolution is happening right now in front of our very eyes. According to Matt White “If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not you should pursue an agricultural drone business venture, then I’ll at least leave you with the suggestion to make a decision soon. We are writing policies with greater frequency, which lets me know the market is picking up steam.”

The drone insurance industry has been slow to adapt to the wide variety of commercial drone uses including: mapping, delivery, pipeline patrol, inspection, aerial photography, video production, game control and now agriculture. The insurance industry makes possible commercial applications for all of our major industries and identifying a huge optic with insurance demand is a good indicator of a big change happening. Drones have already revolutionized many industries and if you are looking to ride the drone industry wave, looking at the agriculture application of drone uses is definitely a sure bet. Drone use in the inner cities has been met with resistance due to the high density of the population but in rural farmlands, utilizing drones for utility purposes can be deployed quicker and with less risk.

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