New Report Highlights The Number Of Cyber Attacks On Company

It is business critical for all business owners and managers to understand the implication of a cyber threat to their company. All efforts must be taken to protect the company from the impact of cyber-attack.

In almost every business there is a reliance on computer systems, this may be for online sales, stock control or various office applications such as email or accounts functions.

Computer systems are an integral part of modern day business; the effect of a cyber-attack can be devastating not only for the business owner but also the employees. If a cyber-attack occurs then the business may have to stop trading for a period of time, and therefor will impact on the company’s profits. But, also if the company has not got a ‘plan’ in place to manage a serious cyber-attack, then the company may never recover from the threat and may no longer be able to continue trading.

Business owners and managers must take cyber threats seriously, recent figures suggest that there were over one million web attacks against people and businesses every day in 2015, and over half a billion personal records were stolen or lost in the same year.

Cyber threats are well documented; however the attacks are evolving and come in various forms from infecting workstation and servers, to deliberate sabotage or criminal intent. The various forms of anti-virus and malware software have evolved to combat the known cyber threats, however this is a moving beast and the hackers are constantly developing more complicated and damaging code to have maximum effect on the company.

Some basic steps for protecting businesses from cyber-attack.

Glen Greenwood the Technical Director for Smile Data Security had this to say “Business managers must take cyber threat seriously, because this is real and happens on a daily basis. The business owners must make sure that they have a budget available for protecting their business. It is advised that a system audit be carried out to ensure that all aspects of computer security are performed. There are a number of basic steps that any business can carry out, firstly make sure that all the anti-virus and malware software installed is up-to-date with all the current updates performed. Many threats come in the form of email attachments, instruct staff not to open email attachments unless it is from a trusted source.

However, the most important protection from cyber threats is to ensure that your company has a backup strategy. This is vital, data backup must be performed at least daily, be automated so there is no chance of human error in forgetting to perform the backups. The data must be stored in a secure off-site location and that the data is not corrupt.

Follow these simple instructions should minimise the damage of a cyber-attack, but the best action by far is to get a system security audit carried out by industry professionals. I would be happy to discuss any issues you may have regarding your system security, please contact for more information.”

Cyber protection is a serious threat to any business, make sure action is taken to develop procedures and policies to protect against cyber-attacks.

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