New Read-out-Loud Children’s Book By Peter Wallingford Launches Today

Peter Wallingford is launching his brand new chapter book, “Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile”, available through Amazon Kindle targeted at the three to nine year olds. It is perfect to read out loud. More information is available at the website:

Peter Wallingford is launching his brand new book, “Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile”. The book is set to go live today, available Amazon Kindle and is expected to become a big hit with families with three to nine year old children old worldwide.

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This is the first book Wallingford has authored. The book was written with the aim of making children laugh and helping them learn. There’s particular excitement about this launch because this is the first of a series of books about Harry the Helpful Hyena and his jungle friends.

Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile is about a crocodile that has bad breath. The book tells of all the crazy things that Harry the Helpful Hyena does to help Coco fix his problem. Parents will likely find particular interest that Harry never gives up. Harry Hyena positive attitude and creativity is a great example for kids. The book stays crazy and funny and brings a useful message. The book’s illustrations were created by Ferdinand Engländer. Coco the Stinky Sock Breath Crocodile is being released by Hyena Creations.

Peter Wallingford lives between London and Dubai with his wife, three daughters, and three terrapins. When he is not writing, drawing or driving the children to school he spends his time in Africa researching the behaviour of hyenas, crocodiles and penguins. Peter Wallingford has always enjoyed reading, particularly reading stories to his daughters. This helped him shape the book since he knew first-hand the sort of things that children like in their stories.

When asked why he wrote the book, Wallingford said: “I wanted to create a series of books that were both funny and had plenty of action, but also could give children a positive message about creativity, perseverance and other important life skills. I also wanted the books to be great to read out loud. The combination of energetic pictures and crazy action make it great for parents to read out to children of all ages.”

Wallingford has hopes that the book will inspire children to read, parents to read to their children and for adults to create their own books. This positive outlook from the author is a testament to their optimism considering some of the mishaps during its creation. The author said, “At one point my computer hard drive crashed and I had to piece together the last draft from various old copies and backups. You really need to manage your data. I thought I was going to have to call Harry Hyena myself.”

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking Ferdinand Engländer for providing the beautiful drawings. He said, “It has been a real pleasure to work hand in hand developing the characters. I had a good idea how I wanted them to be and Ferdinand really brought them to life. The result is just brilliant.”

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