New Range of Healthcare Uniforms and Beauty Therapy Clothing

Corporate clothing specialist Ark Leisure announce a new range of health and beauty uniforms and clothing now available from their online store.

The leading corporate clothing and regalia specialist Ark Leisure takes another bold step in increasing their range of products.

Ark Leisure is pleased to announce the unveiling of the new line of corporate clothing for nurses, healthcare practitioners and beauty therapists both male and female.

The new line of dresses, scrubs, trousers and shirts and tunics comes in a variety of design patterns to cater to the specific tastes of each client. They are also available to interested parties in the colours of choice, and for the range of sizes that is applicable for use.

Speaking to us after the unveiling of the line last month, the Ark Leisure team showed visible excitement over this turn of events. “It’s been a long journey and everyone has worked really hard”, said Ark Leisure’s marketing team manager, “It’s exciting to finally show our clients what we’ve been up to for all these months.”

In a unique move, the company also recently added to its repertoire a range of maternity wear and anti-microbial healthcare uniforms for healthcare workers and beauty industry practitioners. These include maternity tunics, as well as maternity trouser and top sets for nurses or beauty therapists. The latter group consists of uniforms made from fabrics resistant to microbial damage, suited for the healthcare industry.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time,” added the marketing manager, “and up is the only place for us to go from here.” He invited clients who find nothing suitable in the range to visit with their specifications, saying in conclusion, “If anyone can give you exactly what you need, It’s Ark Leisure.”

About Ark Leisure

The company located in Kent, deals in providing companies and businesses with uniforms and corporate clothing. The items could be either unbranded or branded with company logos. It offers customized clothing on request, e.g. promotional merchandise, badges. It caters to practitioners in all sectors of the economy. 

Those interested in learning more about the new product range can go directly to the to the website, here:

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