New Quality Control Research By Kimball O. Pomeroy, PhD Of The World Egg Bank

The World Egg Bank, a state of art human donor egg retrieval facility in Phoenix, Arizona, presented quality control research with the intent of improving the outcomes of frozen eggs and embryos.

Dr. Kimball O Pomeroy, PhD, HCLD, the Scientific Director of The World Egg Bank (TWEB), recently presented research to Embryologists on the temperature changes that are undergone by tanks used to ship banked eggs and other reproductive tissue at the 2017 AAB Educational Conference/21st Annual CRB Symposium in Houston,TX.

The work performed by Dr. Pomeroy joined by Brian LoManto, Laboratory Manager at TWEB, demonstrated the importance of selecting the correct dry liquid nitrogen shipper to maximize the cooling time of tanks. His work also identified tanks shipped upside down or on their sides had a holding time of about one-third as long. Dr. Pomeroy was asked to present a discussion on ways to improve the outcomes of vitrified (frozen) eggs and embryos.

The conference, held from May 18th, 2017 through May 20th, 2017, was attended by Embryologists throughout the United States. Lecture topics included approaches to preserve fertility in female cancer patients, the mechanisms of mosaicism in human embryos, and advances in cryogenic techniques. The World Egg Bank and Dr. Pomeroy were honored to participate in the conference and believe collaboration and sharing innovations are key to maintaining the integrity and continuous improvement of the industry.

As the oldest and most reputable egg bank, TWEB sets high industry standards for egg quality and in cultivating close relationships with egg donors and recipients. TWEB’s singular focus is on egg freezing and operate a state of the art retrieval facility. Dr. Pomeroy, along with a staff of fertility professionals, develop relationships with fertility clinics around the world with the goal of helping people become parents. This has shown to further improve egg quality by providing consistent and better controlled monitoring, procedures, and environment. Continuous development TWEB’s donor roster includes over 400 donors and currently holds thousands of eggs available for immediate shipment.

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