New Q&A Service on V-Shape Face treatments by Experts to be Launched in Q3 2015 announced the launch of their new services for experts answering questions on V-Shape Face treatments in Q3 2015.

Hong Kong residents who need help from V-Shape Face treatment experts can get their questions answered by experts through a new service offered by This service will be launched in the third quarter this year and it is initially available to Hong Kong residents only. Details will be available at launch at the following website: An announcement of the exact launch date will be made in the near future.

For immediate information on V-Shape Face treatments, please visit the following website:

V-Shape Face Treatments Questions & Answers Service is designed to address the most common issues faced by Hong Kong residents who need help from V-Shape Face treatment experts. The service includes:

V-Shape Face Questions for Experts – any question related to V-shape face treatment is welcome

Experts Responding to the Questions – practical advice & insights from experts

Kelvin Wong, Top Business Strategy Expert and Founder of, had this to say about the service:

People who need V-Shape Face treatments are often confused by the variety of products and treatments available. They need to be educated about the pros and cons of the treatment options and the products. A better informed patient with realistic expectation is beneficial to the doctor too as the patient would be more likely to be satisfied with the result and the choices made.

Those interested in learning more about the company can do so on the company website at when it is launched in Q3 2015.

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