New Puppy Training With An Older Dog Behavior Socializing Skills Report Launched

Dog Training Goals announced that a new report is now available for dog owners looking to get their older dog to accept their new puppy. The report can help owners ensure harmony between their dog and new puppy.

Dog Training Goals announced the launch of a new report that helps dog owners train a new puppy with an older dog. The report provides detailed information about the steps one needs to take to encourage their current dog to also wholeheartedly welcome a new puppy into their life.

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Amidst the current pandemic, many people consider fostering or adopting a furry friend now that social distancing is the norm. The newly launched report at Dog Training Goals aims to help pet owners make the process of introducing a new puppy to the household a smooth one.

According to Dog Training Goals, bringing in a new puppy into a family with an existing older dog can be a big transition for owners, their puppy and their older dog. However, training one’s new puppy with their older dog does not have to be a complicated experience if one follows well-organized instructions.

The report explains that the first meetings between a puppy and an adult dog should take place on neutral ground. This area may be a neighbor’s compound, Dog training Center, and or tennis courtyard which does not make the adult dog feel timid or vulnerable.

Dog Training Goals further recommends trying parallel walking. Owners can take both dogs for a walk, parallel to each other, and keep the leashes loose and give the dogs room to move.

The report also recommends looking for positive signals such as the play bow, yawning, whines, barks and growls. Owners can then try doing home ground meetings without a leash on either of the dogs.

Finally, Dog Training Goals recommends arranging for a house meeting. Here, it is important to have all resident dogs outside of the house when one first brings the new pup indoors.

The report states: “As much as you’re so much enthused that the relationship of these two pooches to kick off as soon as possible, it is advisable to ensure training a new puppy process happens slowly and surely to get control of this significant act.”

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