New Publication Helps Students with Hearing Loss Improve Pronunciation Issues

A new book by Pam Boerner and Arnelle McNary helps educators who are responsible for students with poor speech intelligibility and pronunciation issues.

Minneapolis, MN: A child will spend more than a third of his or her school day talking to other students or participating in peer-to-peer group learning. While universal newborn hearing screening identifies hearing loss, nearly 20% fail to get intervention. As a result, a growing percentage of children reach school age with speech intelligibility issues.

Students with poor speech intelligibility and pronunciation issues often have repeated experiences of not being understood. These negative experiences can ultimately impact participation in the classroom. To help these children and their educators, Pam Boerner and Arnelle McNary have written a new book titled Building Success with Intelligible Speech.

“The primary purpose of Building Success with Intelligible Speech,” explains co-author Pam Boerner, “is to improve student success by improving a child’s speech intelligibility and self-confidence. We may not be able to teach them all the words they will ever say, but we can give them the tools to help them correctly pronounce new words they encounter.” Those tools are presented in the book.

The publication was created to be used by Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) and Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TOD). It also can be extremely useful in helping the growing number of non-English speaking students who are enrolling in public elementary and secondary schools by assisting them with accent reduction.

The book includes:

· Comprehensive pronunciation testing materials

· IEP goal samples

· Intervention recommendations

· Intervention activities

Building Success with Intelligible Speech can help educators identify issues in the pronunciation of syllables, suffixes, final sounds, abbreviations, exceptional words, and knowledge of overall pronunciation rules. It can be used to help students with speech intelligibility issues deepen their class participation and peer interactions. Educators interested in learning more can watch these two videos introducing and describing the book, its purpose, and its benefits.

This new publication is available in print or as a digital download. It can be purchased directly from the Supporting Success For Children With Hearing Loss website.

About Supporting Success For Children With Hearing Loss: Supporting Success For Children With Hearing Loss is an organization created in 2011 by Dr. Karen L. Anderson to improve the futures of children who are hard of hearing or deaf. The organization’s website offers professional development specifically for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing and others who support school success of these students.

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