New Probiotics For Dogs Rapidly Approach Next Order Milestone

Wagglies’ Probiotics for Dogs are now within reach of their next product milestone, 550 orders.

Since launching their brand new product onto Amazon, Wagglies have achieved multiple order milestones. This week, the brand are now within reach of their next milestone – 550 orders. As the brand begin to near their 3rd month of sale on Amazon USA, they hope that these order milestones will continue to be achieved rapidly.

Wagglies’ Probiotics for Dogs are a custom powder formulation containing 25 billion CFUs, 74 trace minerals, 5 strains of probiotic and 1 added prebiotic. The probiotics with added prebiotic are more effective than normal probiotic mixtures as the prebiotic encourages healthy bacteria to grow in the gut and intestine, allowing the probiotics to begin work immediately.

The probiotics from Wagglies are made in small batches in a GMP and FDA approved lab in the USA, allowing the brand to better control quality control.

“We’re only a couple of days away from achieving our next product milestone and that’s something that we’re really excited about.” said Dan Clayton, Founder of Wagglies, “Each milestone is a real achievement for us as we’ve worked really hard to make our probiotics the best supplements on the market.”

While other probiotics come in chew or tablet form, Wagglies specifically chose to make their probiotic mix into a fine powder, allowing customers to easily mix the supplement into wet or dry dog food.

“We know how important quality is to our customers so we have ensured that our powder supplements are human-grade and 100% natural, so our customers can trust the ingredients in our dog probiotics.” continued Dan, “We’d like to invite our customers to send us their feedback about our probiotics. It’s their feedback that allows us to improve our product.”

Wagglies are no strangers to selling dog products on Amazon. Previous successful products that the brand have sold on the international marketplace include Puppy Training Pads and Dog Nail Clippers. Wagglies’ Dog Nail Clippers are still currently available on Amazon UK and USA.

Wagglies Probiotics for Dogs are now available in a 6oz bag (∼ 2+ months supply) from Amazon USA:…

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