New premium, high quality design stainless steel kitchen utensil range released

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Leading kitchenware company, Gourmet Easy has released their new range of products, including a no peel garlic press, rolling pin and baking mat, various peelers, non-stick knives, juicer and kitchen hammer. Visit

Gourmet Easy, a popular premium kitchenware company based in the US, has announced its new range of innovative utensils and multi-functional tools for the high-end kitchenware product market.

This type of quality and design is outstanding, and looks to be great news for all foodies and chefs alike who desire long-lasting products to support their passion for cooking in the kitchen.

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Gourmet Easy has decided it will make a real push to be known for its innovative designs, quality finishing and bringing gourmet to every single home across the globe. Their notable new products are all dishwasher-safe and made of the highest quality material.

GARLIC PRESS – the ‘Garlic Easy’ is made of stainless steel and can press multiple unpeeled cloves with its convenient ‘take apart’ design. The top handle conveniently comes off the hinge and scrapes out the peels with no brush or cleaning apparatus needed.

ROLLING PIN & MAT – the multi-function rolling pin comes in a small and large size, it can also crush nuts, ice and be used as a meat tenderizer. The silicone mat has a non-stick surface for easy cleaning.

PEELERS – Gourmet Easy have a dual peeler and cutter, I-shaped peeler and Y-shaped peeler, perfect for cutting and peeling almost any fruit or vegetable.

NON-STICK KNIVES – the aerated blade, non-stick finish and embossed designed knives help prevent food from sticking to the knife and allows easier separation. The knives come in rose gold and stainless steel colors.

JUICER – this lightweight and durable citrus juicer has been designed to reduce hand fatigue and allows you to produce up to 20% more juice than other handheld juicers.

KITCHEN HAMMER – this uniquely designed stainless steel hammer helps tenderize meat 50% faster than ordinary tenderizers, with a two-sided flat and textured head, and comfortable handle.

The founder of Gourmet Easy said in a recent interview: “We wanted to give our beloved audience of chefs, cooks and people who have a genuine passion for food, true quality tools and utensils that can last the test of time in the kitchen.

We knew there was an opportunity in the market of high quality kitchen utensils and it was something our customers wanted, and knew we could do more to raise the standard of quality and design.”

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