New Posts On Rain Shoes For Women Published

The Love Notes Website has published a series of blog posts focussing on rain shoes for women.

Whenever music videos show celebrities, models and artistes singing, dancing and walking in the rain, the rest of humanity would watch while being completely safe and dry.

In real life, rain makes tops cling, pants grow heavy, and skirts drag on the floor. Hair falls flat, if not whipped to a side, and make-up runs attractively down women’s faces to create the “sobbed-while-wearing-mascara” look.

But clothes can be dried, hair can be fixed, and make-up can be removed and reapplied. Feet unfortunately, may not be so lucky.

For those caught in a surprise shower, their feet are likely to bear the brunt of the rain. Unshielded by the umbrella, left out in the cold by ponchos, shoes are more likely to sop up the puddles instead of protecting feet from them.

Many owners trudge in soppy socks, while others carry an ocean in their boat-like shoes. Without a way to dry their shoes, socks and feet, the day is ruined in more ways than one.

“Apart from the hygiene factor, as the wet encourages smelly bacteria to grow on our feet, many women also rue the destruction of the shoe,” says The Love Notes Website creator Amanda Li.

Having seen the demise of many of her own shoes, and fought the onset of smelly feet, Li decided that she needed shoes that were more suited for the rain.

“Great rain shoes for women need to tick a few boxes,” Li states.

According to one of her blog posts, “Rain shoes for women? Think boots by Dr. Martens”, these factors are: 1) staying safe, 2) being fashionable, and 3) keeping dry.

“There are two top tips when it comes to meeting all three factors,” Li says, “and any woman can use these tips to assess any rain shoe of their liking.”

Read “Rain shoes for women – two top tips”.

Using these tips, Li has also written posts for other rain shoes perfect for women.

“There is a post on Converse shoes perfect for wet weather, and a shoe that no one will really expect, but you’ll have to visit The Love Notes Website to find out.”

Visit The Love Notes Website here.

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