New Pocono Well & Pump Technology Ends Water Pressure Problems

New technology by Pocono Well & Pump ends water pressure problems giving clients consistent, constant water pressure with less maintenance. Properly sized systems can be retrofitted for both homes and businesses and have built in safety mechanisms to save costly repairs and reduce power use.

People with water well systems in the Poconos are often prone to water pressure issues, especially in light of the recent drought of 2016. Residents often come to the point where they tire of having to turn the dishwasher or washing machine off so they can take a shower with constant water pressure. Worse still, many of these same people jump in the shower at what they think to be an opportune time, only to get temperature and pressure variations because another “well-meaning” family member takes on a washing task. New technology however is changing this and allowing home and business owners to eliminate inconvenient fluctuations in water pressure.

The new Complete Constant Pressure Systems have been developed by Pocono Well & Pump and the pump manufacturer to change the speed of the water pump to meet the changes in demand for water, while keeping pressure constant throughout the entire system. So family members can hop in the shower whenever they want. They can now go ahead with the laundry and start the washing machine without running to the bathroom door to hear if someone is in there.

“The technology today has come a long way,” says Kyle Maloney co-owner of Pocono Well and Pump Service in Stroudsburg, PA. The pressure sensor in the smart control unit constantly monitors and detects water pressure. It then communicates a signal to the controller, which in turn regulates the speed of the pump. It keeps the tank at one pressure level, instead of turning on and off, stopping and starting when the pressure tank gets low.

“The beauty of this system,” says Maloney, “is as water demand increases, the pump’s speed increases. Likewise, when water demand decreases, the pump’s speed will decrease and the pump operates minimally to meet demand.” Maloney has worked to develop pre-engineered systems with the new technology for both residential and business needs to greatly simplify system design, installation, and maintenance.

Not only do these systems save wear and tear on the pump, but they also have strong safety mechanisms in place to shut the system off if there is a broken pipe, which can save thousands in costly damage repair costs. It’s these types of improvements that save home and business owners money quickly making the investment in the installation minimal, not to mention it’s huge improvement in quality of water supply.

Kyle Maloney is committed to providing his customers with the best product and service available. As he states, “Because I am so impressed with the quality and performance of these whole water pressure systems and the ease of retrofitting them to fit any existing well pump, I am offering all of my new and existing well pump clients a significant discount.”

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By: Sarah Raley

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