New Personalized Wedding Planning Solution Launched in Toronto

There is finally a new option in the stale old wedding industry. uses proprietary, disruptive, technology a deep vendor base and expert, experienced planners to produce the highest quality weddings, stress free to you - at prices that'll blow your socks off.

By now, technology has disrupted nearly every Canadian industry. Accounting, transportation, retail, and even medicine have seen massive changes and improvements in the last 5 years. But there’s one part of our everyday lives that has remained expensive, complicated, and stressful: event planning.

William Shawn, CEO of Eventspot, wants to change that. Ever wanted to click a button and have a high-quality, hassle-free event ready in as few as ten days? How about for a good price? Well, now you can.

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Eventspot uses their proprietary technology to connect clients to over 800 vendors in the GTA. They’ve consolidated the work of searching for locations and sourcing activities into one neat package: Party in a Box. A series of clicks on the website is all that’s required to book an office gathering, birthday party, cooking class – even, yes, a wedding. (Their wedding packages start at $2,995, for those who want a beautiful gathering with their loved ones while simultaneously not wanting to begin the next chapter of their lives with massive debt.) The wedding packages include an officiant, decorations, DJ, catered dinner, a cake and most, even a venue. Their transparent pricing scheme is a breath of fresh air in an industry notoriously riddled with hidden and inflated costs.

Party in a Box also offers eight customizable templates for office gatherings, Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and children’s birthday parties. The Boxes are also updated seasonally. Even so, Eventspot’s team of event experts anticipated the variety of needs from clients, so they also have an entirely Personalized Planning option. Going this route will have you paired up with one of their 7 Planners, most of whom have 10+ years in the industry working with internationally recognized brands. Personalized Planning is divided into four options, from $99 to $599. Each offers varying degrees of assistance, ranging from a little extra help in a stressful time to having every tiny detail mastered by an expert. The latter, for example, means that for less than $600 you have an on-hand professional for every step of your wedding – they’ll even be on site on the big day. It’s bafflingly cost-effective compared to the industry standard.

William Shawn’s background isn’t in events – he’s an entrepreneur at heart. From 2000 to 2006 he grew The Canadian Drugstore, helping hundreds of thousands of senior citizens in the US receive their prescription medication for 30-50% lower costs. The startup grew from 0 – $60 million in less than 24 months. What drew him to events, then? Simply the recognition of an industry “in dire need of an overhaul,” he admits. It’s hard to disagree – anyone who has been taken to task with planning even a small-scale experience knows the extensive time and pitfalls involved. Eventspot works to streamline the time and smooth over the bumps in the road.

If you’re a vendor interested in working with Eventspot you can reach out directly on their website. Whether you represent a venue, a restaurant, or you’re a magician, the marketing and industry expertise provided by the company makes for an excellent partnership. “Eventspot will open up a whole new sales channel for your business,” the website notes, “just like what AirBnB has done for vacation property owners.” Because the company is the first of its kind in the world, there are no existing parameters for how fast and how big it will grow. Disruption was overdue in the Events industry. It’s here.

So if your Christmas Present was a wedding ring, or your daughter’s birthday is approaching at lightning speed, you can say goodbye to the thousands of e-mails and grey hairs. Say hello to Eventspot.

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