New Personal Development Workshop for Spiritual Seekers Glasgow City Centre

Conscious Evolution Coaching, organizer of the new Freedom Within - Two Day Workshop , announced their 2 Day Workshop event will be held in Centre for Yoga, Movement & Wellbeing, 72 Berkeley Street Glasgow G3 7DS on Saturday and Sunday 19th / 20th September.

Individuals interested in spirituality and an energy based approach to Personal Development can register to attend a new workshop entitled Freedom Within – It is aimed at individuals struggling to get free from repeating negative habits and life patterns.

We live in a fast paced world where the demand is for instant gratification and solutions grows every day. The Freedom Within process taps into this growing trend for instant solutions by presenting a process has been designed to facilitate a rapid and painless release of people’s core emotional issues.

The new process developed by Holistic Practitioner Michael Wolff, is based on the ancient principals of Akido also known as The Way of Harmony. Wolff explains the Freedom Within process in more detail in this YouTube video.

The two Day Workshop promises to demonstrate how people can achieve emotional freedom by letting go of childhood wounds and learning how to experience love, joy and harmony once again. It is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 19th / 20th September.

Workshop participant Morag Paterson, from Nairn reports:

“Over the years I have engaged with many modalities, techniques and processes to ‘get clear’, and have experienced various releases from restricting thoughts, beliefs, patterns and responses but I never felt completely free of it all. Michael took me through this ‘way of harmony’ …. and I now feel entirely clear. No more triggering! Wow – it feels as though it – the original core wound – has fully released.”

When asked about the reasons behind creating this event, workshop host and leader, Michael Wolff said:

“We all suffer from limiting beliefs and behaviours that stem from childhood. These often hold us back from getting what we want in life. Traditional therapeutic and healing techniques can take years to get to the core issue and through all that time people struggle and suffer. I realized that if we stopped treating the outward symptoms and dove straight into the core of the problem, real, rapid and lasting transformation was possible .”

Co-host and trainer Jackie McLaughlin said:

“Unlike many therapeutic change techniques Freedom Within is an effortless and painless process that bypasses people’s natural resistance and excuses to change. It enables individuals to painlessly free themselves from persistent negative habits and repeating life problems without the need to rake up the past. I have been so impressed by Michael’s results that I have chosen to co-present with him”.

Full details on the event, and tickets can be purchased here

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