New People & Purpose Issue Helps Leaders Drive Growth Performance and Engagement

People & Purpose - Positive Leadership Journal releases a new issue for April 2016, showing leaders ways to drive business growth, high performance and employee engagement. Established and emerging managers and interested parties can find the magazine online: on iTunes and Play Store.

The April 2016 issue of People & Purpose – Positive Leadership Journal is now available. The new multimedia issue exploring business growth, high performance and employee engagement is available free at and on iTunes and Google Play.

When asked about this issue of People & Purpose, Eszter Molnar Mills, Editor-in-Chief said “At this time of year our thinking naturally turns to new starts and growth. An entrepreneurial approach, a focus on opportunities supported by appropriate systems and excellent people are three key drivers for business growth. The need for a growth mindset applies as much to business owners as corporate intrapreneurs, and for organisations of all sizes and in every stage of the maturity cycle.”

In the current edition leaders have the opportunity to explore:

Business strategies for start-up growth – Boomy Tokan, business adviser and growth specialist shares his key tips for business start-ups, and strategies to achieve the dream of starting and owning a successful business. “One cannot bypass the learning curve” Tokan adds and highlights the need for long-term thinking for growth.

Ensure that people know what is expected of them – 6 ways to set clear expectations for high performance are provided by Eszter Molnar Mills.

Being human… – Judy Apps shares why and how people should communicate and connect with others on a human level.

Gold standard strategies for selection – Following on from the previous edition, Fiona McPhail shares strategies for effective employee selection, highlighting the importance of robust selection criteria for decision making.

People & Purpose is available for free and established and emerging leaders are encouraged to share the journal with others who find the information useful.

Eszter Molnar Mills Editor in Chief is available for comment. People & Purpose, the Positive Leadership Journal is published by Formium Development, a strengths-based leadership and organisation development consultancy. Formium Development focuses on creating effective solutions, which allow clients to identify and build on their strengths and do more of their best work. Its aim is to help individuals and teams improve their performance and become more engaged and more fulfilled within their work. Training and executive coaching is available for managers throughout their career path, including well respected internationally recognised qualifications in management and leadership from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Drawing on academic research and good practice, Formium Development believes that taking a strength-based approach, focusing on positive behaviours and building on what is already working well allows leaders and employees to do more of what they are best at, resulting in enhanced leadership, team and organisational performance.

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