New Patient Generation and Retention Medical Marketing Package Released

Omaha-based Stay First Rank, an internet marketer with a difference, has released a new medical and healthcare promotional package that harnesses technology to attract new patients and improves overall patient retention. This marketing package is ideal for small and large practitioners, clinics and hospitals.

Omaha-based, Stay First Rank SEO & Internet Media , an internet marketing, advertising and business growth optimization firm, have released a medical and healthcare marketing package. This innovative marketing package combines a number of advanced net-based techniques to help doctors, other health practitioners and service providers to increase patient numbers and to promote their businesses to existing patients to improve retention rates. For more information, visit

Released in February 2017, the Stay First Rank SEO & Internet Media medical and healthcare marketing package aids both large and small practices and even hospitals to streamline their online marketing campaigns. These innovative methods harness technology to attract new patients that help physicians, surgeons, chiropractors, dentists, and other medical service providers to grow their businesses, so they increase their return on investment.

The medical and healthcare industry is highly competitive, so Stay First Rank SEO & Internet Media combine proven marketing strategies with advanced technology to maximize business reach. These techniques are state-of-the-art and are suitable for many healthcare providers.

This innovative marketing package assists family practice physicians, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, oral surgeons, as well as dermatologists and clinics, along with hospitals and other health practitioners. Overall, the package helps these businesses to increase their leads and patient retention combining social media management, search engine optimization and other advertising strategies.

Stay First Rank SEO & Internet Media are a team of online marketing professionals who understand the Net ecosystem. As such, they have a unique approach to inbound lead generation, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other online marketing initiatives that allow businesses to reap the rewards.

When asked about the new healthcare marketing platform, Kantanan Garfield owner of Stay First Rank said, “Changes in the insurance marketplace often result in big challenges for healthcare professionals. Whereas this innovative technology helps streamline marketing strategy to boost patient numbers and a practitioner’s income.”

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