New Parts Crawler Platform Offers a Easier Way to Find Back Ordered Parts

Not being able to quickly find a back ordered tractor, forklift or other heavy equipment part can create significant downtime . Parts Crawler is a new online platform for the parts community that makes finding a much needed part simpler and more efficient than ever.

Many people have come to realize that working or having work done on a forklift or tractor can be a challenge if it needs a part that’s not commonly available. This happens quite often for pieces of equipment that many be getting on in age and where many needed parts are often locally on back order. All this can frequently add up to lost time, delayed projects and ample frustration. Recently, a new platform has been launched with just these concerns in mind, Parts Crawler. Parts Crawler connect buyers and sellers of heavy equipment parts on a platform that’s simple and easy to use. Mechanics and owners of equipment can use the platforms powerful search engine to locate needed parts and gives the opportunity to follow through and purchase them. This significantly reduces the problem of back ordered parts.

“Not only do we come from the parts community, but we also spend a large amount of time researching the common and not so common problems people who are active in the community face,” remarked a spokesperson from Parts Crawler. “Finding back ordered, discontinued or otherwise rare parts were one of the most common concerns. Without having the right parts repairing a piece of equipment is next to impossible. Now our platform has changed all that for the better and finding back ordered and discontinued parts can be accomplished in just a few minutes.”

According to the company, Parts Crawler employs a first efficient parts inventory system that makes uploading an inventory list onto the platform quick and easy. Once a user of the platform has there inventory uploaded “dead” parts they thought wouldn’t move for years can be found by other users nationwide. This means that both buyers and sellers needs are looked after in a true win for both ends of the community, as well as for people who simply need their equipment fixed as quickly as possible.

The platform is gaining momentum as more and more members endorse the platform and use it more and more often.

Tim M, from Iowa, commented on Parts Crawler, “I heard about Parts Crawler from a business acquaintance who said Parts Crawler has helped him bring in more money every week and free up some needed space in his warehouse. It sounded like a good idea to me, so I’ve checked it out. I’m shocked this hasn’t existed until now. It offers real value that can’t be argued with. It’s all benefits for a business and no downside I’ve seen at all.”

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