New Orleans Metro Mosquito Extermination & Rodent Pest Control Services Launched

A new site offering effective and affordable pest control services has been launched. The site is perfect for anyone that wants an affordable, reliable and effective pest control service in the New Orleans Metro area.

A new site has been launched offering effective and affordable pest control services. NOLA pest control services offer a huge range of pest control services for commercial as well as industrial pest control management. The site offers pest control, bed bug treatment, mosquito control, rodent control and termite control as well as other pest control services. This makes the site ideal for anybody that has a pest problem, or anyone wanting to prevent a future possible pest problem in the home or work environment.

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NOLA Pest Control’s owner, Mike Lollar, has been dedicated to professional pest control services for over 20 years. The company started in pest control management in 1989. Since then, the company has grown to have experience in all areas of the pest control industry including entomology training.

In 2011, Mike created the company NOLA Pest Control and has been offering top quality pest control at affordable prices in the New Orleans Metro area ever since.

Customers will find that NOLA Pest Control offer a huge range of pest control services. For instance, the company offers commercial as well as industrial pest control. This is because commercial and industrial businesses need a regime in place to control pests.

Small offices as well as much larger retail stores and housing complexes need these systems in place because pests can cause a huge amount of damage to the property as well as the reputation. In addition to this, business owners and operators have the responsibility to protect employees as well as customers from the problems that pests are well known to cause.

NOLA Pest Control states: “Pests will never stop trying to find another way to infiltrate your facility, but if you consistently implement the appropriate pest control plan, you can keep those pests from turning into a more serious problem.”

They add: “Food handling establishments, food processing plants and food distribution centers must have a thorough pest control plan of action in place that can be deemed on target to Sanitation and Health inspectors.”

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