New Orleans LA Industrial Access Rope Fall Arrest System UV Resistant Launched

Industrial access equipment supplier CoastLine Group Ltd have expanded their range of highly durable speciality and utility access ropes in New Orleans LA, ideal for commercial and technical use.

CoastLine Group Ltd., a North American industrial access equipment supplier, has updated their range of speciality access ropes, including durable, low-stretch ropes ideal for creating fall arrest systems, now available in New Orleans LA.

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The CoastLine Group’s recently expanded range of access ropes have been approved by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) for both general and technical use. Their industry standard access equipment has been specially formulated for working at height and is designed to support dynamic access on glazing, sealing, painting, and window cleaning projects.

CoastLine Group Ltd is an premium manufacturer of utility and specialty rope, offering industry standard products ideal for installing effective fall arrest systems to ensure employee safety in the workplace. The updated range includes the Bulwark Safety X, a low-elasticity, kern-mantle security rope, created with superior tensile strength and certified by the SGS Canada (Société Générale de Surveillance).

The low-stretch, high-tenacity cordage has been designed with climbing, training, offshore docking, and commercial functions in mind. For this reason, their recently expanded selection of synthetic access ropes can be customized with UV, abrasion, marine, and heat resistant coatings, making them durable while still being supple and flexible enough to tie knots.

The CoastLine Cordage Group can supply their premium access rope in 150 ft, 600 ft, 1200 ft, 656 ft quantities, as well as custom and wholesale lengths upon request. In addition to preventative maintenance, commercial cleaning, and construction, these versatile access ropes can be effective for use in search and rescue, rock scaling, marine activity, theatrical sets, and more.

CoastLine Group Ltd offers quick delivery, outstanding customer service, and an excellent loyalty program for returning clients. The newly updated range of nylon and polyester access rope is strong and durable enough for specialist knot tying, in addition to use in conjunction with ascenders, descenders, rigs, duck clamps, and pulleys.

The Canadian speciality rope access company is endorsed for sale in New Orleans by SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) and the Cordage Institute. The newly expanded range of access equipment has custom options for specialist uses, such as floating and weighted ropes for aquatic activity, in addition to high visibility, double braided, notched lead core, and UV resistant cordage.

The CoastLine Group are a top quality North American industrial rope supplier, manufacturing premium access gear locally in Canada to the highest safety standards. They are an excellent choice for business owners in New Orleans looking to buy industrial quality rope wholesale or for technical purposes and hobbies, such as geological and arboreal surveys.

More information about pricing and contact details can be found through URL above, or by calling +1-902-835-2253.

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