New Orleans Bike Tour Operator hires local SEO agency

FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours & Rentals, a New Orleans based tour provider, started aggressive internet marketing for promotion of their guided bicycle tours of New Orleans.

FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours & Rentals, based in New Orleans LA, has partnered with One Click SEO to provide search engine optimization services targeted at New Orleans tourists. Providing guided tours of New Orleans as well as private tours and bike rentals, FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours is NOLAs’ oldest, locally owned and operated bicycle tour operator. FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours & Rentals is located at 318 N. Rampart Street, New Orleans LA.

For more information visit: New Orleans Bike Tours

The new marketing initiative will increase the online visibility of FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours’ Guided tours of New Orleans as well as their Self-Guided bike tours by leveraging local and traditional search engine optimization with increased reviews of New Orleans tours. Additional services provided by FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours are Bike Rentals with 24-Hour Returns.

The reason for the move to advanced digital marketing is because bike tours are based heavily on the tourism industry within New Orleans. Understanding that the average tourist will leverage Google and other search engines for unique tours of the Crescent City, leaves little to traditional branding which would not be seen outside of the New Orleans Metro area. This leaves dominating the search engine results as the primary source of acquiring new, ongoing business.

FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours is locally owned and operated by Ryan and Melissa Bergeron. Ryan and Melissa first found success in the bike rental industry for over 10 years. They started the bicycle tour operator business after the bicycle rental industry was disrupted by the City of New Orleans starting a bike share program that was later purchased by a subsidiary of Uber.

When asked about the the change in the Bicycle Rental industry he was quoted as saying:

Being trailblazing entrepreneurs in a tourism-centric city hasn’t been easy, but the rewards of smiling customers the world over has been worth all of the headaches, setbacks, long hours and hard work.

FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours is the largest and oldest bicycle tour operator in New Orleans and is doubling down on their investment in the city by hiring an internationally known, but New Orleans based SEO agency, One Click SEO. One Click SEO specializes in the most challenging business vertices in digital marketing and has clients across the US, Canada and Mexico.

To find out more about FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours call (504) 522-4368 or visit their office at 318 N Rampart St. New Orleans, LA 70112.

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