New Organized Youth Sports Franchise Launched

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A sports league in Atlantic Canada is offering prospective franchisees an opportunity to carry the Premier Sports Leagues brand, allowing them to earn income from sporting leagues and programs.

A company specializing in organized sports has launched a sports franchise opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs looking to capture a portion of the billion-dollar market and deliver a better sports experience to young athletes.

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Halifax-based Premier Sports Leagues is offering individuals a business model allowing them to earn revenue that is generated by the league’s multi sporting activities and programs using less commonly known international emerging sports. According to the company, franchise owners can have access to various revenue sources, including player registration fees, sponsors, and more. One of these sports is floorball

Floorball is a team sport created in Sweden in the 1960s that resembles indoor hockey, except that it can be played on any flat surface inside a gym or a paved surface outdoors. The company explained that this factor makes it an affordable sport and a complementary activity for minor hockey associations.

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Franchisees will be provided with various tools and resources, including the initial training and equipment, a custom club website, sport management software, a playbook, various manuals and videos, and business training, among others.

Moreover, the franchisor also provides continuous support on the business side of the franchise. Franchise owners can expect guidance in business operations, administration, business development, marketing, advertising, and other areas that are essential in sustaining revenue growth.

Once the business is operational, owners can earn income from the registration fees they collect from player registrations fees. As their franchises grow, they can also generate supplemental earnings from local sponsors, merchandise and equipment resale, and offering smaller, one time floorball activities like tournaments, clinics, and after-school programs.

Premier Sports Leagues’ business model was designed to address the various pitfalls that are fostered in many organized youth sports. One of these is affordability as more parents are pressured to spend more to keep up with the increasing demands of elite athlete programs, according to the company.

Other issues that can be addressed are the cultural mindset and quality of training programs. The company explained that current practices see youth sports organizations default to placing coaches on teams that assures them with a high win rate instead of investing in training coaches to development all aspects of young players.

“The resulted in these type of ‘ win at all costs’ sports cultures is that they become less fun for youth because the values that create a meaningful and learning environment have been abandoned,” a company spokesperson said. “Premier Sports Leagues offers an alternative model centered around youth that can consistently deliver high-quality sports activities and programs while keeping products and services affordable for families and better for communities.”

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