New Opportunity for Local Business to Get Message Out on Their Business

Local Buzz Connect recently introduced an effective way for local business and professionals to get their business buzz out on the internet in the areas of the internet where their customers are found.

Recently Local Buzz Connect, a division of Web Marketingville in Cincinnati, introduced a program for local business and professionals to help the businesses get their message out in the areas on the internet, where their potential customers reside

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Local Buzz Connect the creator of Review Branding Commercials and Business Expert Videos for local business and professionals recently introduced a new program to help local business owners get the buzz out on their businesses to help them drive in more leads.

The Program called Local Buzz Connection is a concise profile of the business or profession that includes photos, videos, and creative copy that is designed to get the online visitor to call.

Local Buzz Connects applies the years of video production knowledge and internet search engine optimization understanding to get these local businesses and professions seen in the areas of the internet where their customers are searching.

Ken Geers, with Web Marketingville, the developer of the Local Buzz Connection Program has been enthused with the reception of the program in the marketplace. He noted that several businesses in a number of areas in the country including Florida, Ohio, Indiana, and one from outside the country, Spain had already taken advantage of the Local Buzz Connection Program.

Ken said, “The program is a perfect fit for local business and professionals. It is a simple yet effective way to add authority and trust and that is what moves their potential customers to buy.”

Web Marketingville plans to promote the Local Buzz Connection Program the same way it promotes internet exposure for its clients and that way is through various proprietary programs that it owns. One of those techniques is a through an independent directory that can be found here.

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