New Online Wine Retailer Seeks Spanish Speaking Wine Searchers at Unique Website

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The first of its kind: a new Spanish-language website offering top-quality wines from around the world at the most competitive prices. Specialty online wine retailer, Big Hammer Wines, disrupts the wine world in 2021 announcing Puros Vinazos.

Specialty online wine retailer, Big Hammer Wines, disrupts the wine world in 2021 announcing a new Spanish-language website for wine searchers, Puros Vinazos.

The first of its kind, this new website offers top-quality wines from around the world at the most competitive prices.

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Greg Martellotto, owner of Puros Vinazos, is originally from Texas. He says, “I’m bilingual and have lots of friends who speak Spanish. It just seems like common sense to speak to people in their native language. Spanish speakers love wine too.”

Greg wanted to reach out to these consumers with a website of their own. “Like all wine lovers, they want access to the best wines at the best prices and to share their love of wine. We want to make it easier for them to do so.”

Learn more in this short video for spanish speaking wine searchers.

According to Pew Research, the Latin population in the U.S. grew to 60.6 million by 2019, a growth rate of 19.5% since 2010. This significant growth in population translates into increasing economic and political influence.

The new Spanish-language website is dedicated to serving this essential demographic.

There has never been a better time to be a wine lover with so much available wine from around the world. Puros Vinazos solves the problem of wine selection and price for Spanish-speaking wine lovers who want to find and purchase wines in their language.

The website was created specifically for the U.S.-based Spanish-speaking and Latin American wine markets. By offering shoppers a Spanish-language website, the company provides a better and more personalized wine buying experience.

BHW’s seasoned professionals travel the world extensively, searching for the most exclusive, prestigious, premium wines, and hidden gems for their customers.

Tasting around 4,500 wines annually, only 4% of what they taste every year meet their stringent criteria.

BHW runs an unequaled business model as an online retailer, importer, and distributor. They offer better prices than competitors by eliminating intermediaries, keeping overhead low, and purchasing wines in large quantities.

Other benefits for customers include:

· Free home delivery with the purchase of 6 or more bottles.

· Satisfaction guaranteed. If buyers are not satisfied with the wine, the company will select wines they might prefer.

· Excellent customer service.

Puros Vinazos means “Only Great Wines.”

“Everyone deserves great wine at great prices,” Greg continued. “With so many Spanish-speaking wine lovers around the country, it made sense to create a dedicated place for them to feel comfortable and find the wines they want and love.”

An expansion into Mexico is planned for later this year.

BHW brings the best of the wine world to Spanish-speaking wine lovers in their language. The company’s goal is to become the definitive authority for both Spanish and English-speaking wine lovers in the industry.

ABOUT Puros Vinazos

Launched in 2021, Puros Vinazos is committed to sourcing wines of exceptional quality and value from around the world at the lowest price points.

Their direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model uses technology to integrate and improve the wine distribution channel, resulting in the market’s most competitive pricing.

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