New Online Tool For Sellers Who Want to Know What is My House Worth Instantly

Williams Landmark Real Estate announced its New Online Home Evaluation tool. Further information on Williams Landmark Real Estate and the Online Home Evaluation tool can be discovered at,, or by contacting Leon C. Williams at 916.470.5004. Williams Landmark Real Estate Services Sacramento,

The biggest question that potential home sellers have on their minds is “What is my home worth? Sellers would like some idea usually before they contact a real estate professional. Williams Landmark Real Estate has just introduced an online tool to help.

Specifically, the tool takes an address and using a proprietary algorithm and current sell data, and gives sellers a range of what their home could be worth. Because the algorithm can not see improvements the seller may or may not have made the range is crucial to the seller in understanding the value of their home. In addition to your value, the tool also brings back a host of other information about the surrounding neighborhood, schools, and demographics.

To take full advantage of this new tool potential home sellers can visit the website at

As it strives to give consumers more access and options to tools that can assist them in managing their investment, Williams Landmark Real Estate is excited to unveil the latest benefit to the community. Their tools and programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of sellers and buyers.

On this subject, Leon Williams, Broker/Owner at Williams Landmark Real Estate said: “People gather has much information on their own before calling a Real Estate Agent, now they will have one more tool for gathering information in their arsenal. This will allow them to have a more intelligent conversation when they finally sit down with a real estate professional”.

Leon Williams also said “Because of a partnership that was announced recently with Targeted Lead Systems more tools for agents, clients, the business community and consumers in general will become available. See in the news here: New Partnership Information.

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Williams Landmark Real Estate has made a point of listening to its customers and taking feedback wherever possible. They reportedly do this because their number one source of inspiration comes from conversations with the customer.

Having been in business now for 11 Years, Williams Landmark Real Estate strives to become a name synonymous with quality in the Real Estate market. This dedication has made them known among their clients as a business of impeccable integrity and strong values.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the new tool are encouraged to visit the website at

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