New Online Shop For Gold Gifts And Jewellery Launched

Online shopping for gold jewellery and gifts becomes easier with worldwide shipping and transparent pricing

An affiliate marketer from Singapore has started a new website catering to shoppers looking for gold jewellery online.

Calling it the Online Shopping Gold Gifts and Jewellery Website, the website partners online gold shops around the world and showcases gifts and jewellery that meet three criteria: global shipping, transparent prices, and attractiveness.

Affiliate marketer, Lui Natasha Amanda, who owns and runs the online shop, cites her frustration as her motivation to start the store:

“Shopping for gold jewellery online can be challenging. Many gold stores will only deliver to local addresses, while others will impose hefty shipping fees at the very last minute. Add to that the different terminology, the different types of gold, and then seeing the same product on multiple sites – with different prices – it was frustrating.”

Unable to find a store that showed products with transparent global shipping fees, Lui decided to take matters into her own hands.

“I have learnt a lot about the products, the shops behind them, and the different types of gold used in jewellery. I decided to share that information online on the website, especially through the blog.”

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Noting the current small pool of products, Lui added that every gold gift and jewellery has been individually hand-picked. She plans to continue adding to the shop, encouraging shoppers to join the mailing list to receive future updates.

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About the Online Shopping Gold Gifts and Jewellery Website

Online Shopping Gold Gifts and Jewellery is a website started by Lui Natasha Amanda. Lui Natasha Amanda is a copywriter, reviewer, blogger, affiliate marketer and writer-for-hire at RedWordTree Pte Ltd. Possessing a deep interest in gold jewellery, Lui Natasha Amanda channels her passion for the precious metal into this gold review and product site, sharing her knowledge with other gold enthusiasts who desire more transparency and information in the online gold shopping world.

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